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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Nov 4, 2000.

  1. Bassman

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    I need some help on killing various types of weeds in lawns of my customers. I must be using the wrong material. I'm in south Florida. The types of weeds I'm trying to eliminate are common chickweed, Florida Pusley, pennywort, curly dock, broadleaf plantain, etc. The type grass is bahia and varieties of St. augustine. I have used weed &feed fertilizers. Lesco 26-6-16,(I think) and a cheap variety from Wal-mart called rite green with Atrazin for st. augustine grasses. I spread on the heavy side also. I've not noticed hardly any weed kill in the lawns after several weeks. Is there a weed & feed fertilizer that actually works? Or should I be using something like Ortho Weed B Gone for southern lawns Formula II and applying with a dial n spray? 1 quart covers 12,800 sq.ft. which is sufficient for the average property I do. I would appreciate suggestions because the weed & feed fertilizers I have used so far have done absolutely no damage to any lawn weeds so far. Thanks.
  2. Bassman wrote:

    >Is there a weed & feed fertilizer that actually works?

    None that I know.
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    none of them work great. But if you apply scotts turf builder plus 2 when the conditons are just right it will work pretty good. You have to apply it in the morning when there is dew on the grass and when it will not rain for 2-3 days. Scotts works better then the other because its the consistansy on sand so it sticks to the weed leafs where as others are little pellets so they just fall off. is the lesco you are applying the sandy consistancy or the standard?
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    buy a sprayer! this is a tried and true method. hope this helps. lol
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    Evans528, the Lesco fertilizer I used was the regular consistency, little pellets. I think I agree with Lawrence Stone that weed & feed fertilizers are probably as a whole unproductive as far as weed kill goes. I used to own a nursery and grew landscape as well as ornamental foliage. At that time I had a restricted use pesticide license, a Kubota diesal tractor with front end loader and a pto driven 300 gallon sprayer. Now that worked great for control of pests, diseases and spot treatment of weeds.
    I guess I'll give the sandy consistency Lesco a try as well as Scotts. I'll probably end up spraying if these weed & feeds are less than stellar. Thanks for your input.

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