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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tlvoskamp, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Tlvoskamp

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    I have a quick question for you experts out there. I am looking at either the Skag z-cat 36 or the exmark phazer 34. Do any of you have any advice as to which machine would be superior. The phazer has the mulch kit and the skag does not, however thes skag has the superior drive system. I am really wanting the one with the best mulching ability. Any advice from owners of these machines would be greatly prized and appreciated.

    Thank You,

  2. Liquidfast

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    There is your answer
  3. rob7233

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    I see your in TX. You should have similiar turf as we do in FL. The grass is growing so fast here we have to slow down some to process the volume out the side discharge when mowing (well cared for) Floratam/St. Augustine. At this point, it's really too much to mulch with good results. With the heat and humidity, the discharged grass breaks down pretty fast and the weather is only going to get worse for us come mid July and thru August. The grass will grow even faster along with the 14" sprigs that Bahia throws out. :cry:

    Anyway, when I demoed the Phazer I found the controls not as well dampened and twitcher. These 36' riders will slide on a incline also. You should get set up for a demo ride on both. I think you'll find the Skag to feel tighter controlled IMO.
  4. Tlvoskamp

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    Thanks for the advice. I like the construction of the skag, but I think my business needs the technology of the mulching system of the exmark. Sometimes it is hard for me to disengage from wanting the toughest built even if it does not mow the best. It seems there is not one perfect machine. Any way any other phazer owners want to chime in on how satisfied they have been with the zt drive system.

    Thanks again

  5. Quality Cuts PLS

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    Do a search on the Phazer, I have several post about them.

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