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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Glaze72, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Hello All:

    I am a first time homeowner in Woodridge, Illinois (southwest suburbs of Chicago). I have a fairly large lawn, facing southwest, getting lots of sunlight during the afternoon and evening hours.

    Unfortunately, the previous owners neglected the lawn during their last months of ownership, and I am trying to fight the good fight and get it back into shape. I seem to slowly be winning the battle against the dandelions and ground ivy (though it isn't easy).

    My question has to do with what seems to be two competing varieties of grass (or what may be a weed or intruder). The dominant strain seems to be your ordinary, run-of-the-mill grass that we have here in Illinois. But there are patches of a lighter green shade of grass that is thicker along the stem, grows more quickly, and seems to be a completely different strain. Or perhaps it is some sort of weed? Could this be crabgrass or some variation thereof?

    Since I would like a uniform lawn, I am wondering what my options are. Should I remove the offending sections and re-seed? Is there some herbicide which would knock out the bad bits and leave the good bits alone? If I do re-seed, what is the best time of year to do it in?

    Thanks for any information which you can share,

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    See if you can get a weed killer that kills both reg.weeds and broadleaf weeds. I think ortho has a product like this. Spray this and see if it has any effect on your problem areas.

    This fall (first week of September) go mahead and overseed your yard. this is the best time to do this. Make sure to read the directions of any weed killer you use regarding the amount of time you must wait to re-seed.
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    Before doing anything, I'd want to accurately identify the 2 grasses already there. Take some samples to a local nursery or to your County Extension Agent. This would also be an excellent time to get a soil sample analysis ($20?) to know what you need to enhance the growth of your preferred grass.
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    If it is possible, snap some pictures and post them on this thread. We pro's can ID most weeds easily, and make a quick recommendation to you.

    I strongly agree with MowHigh to get a soil analysis, and start amending the soil if it needs it.

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