Advice needed. Resident at condo complex my company looks after is attempting to scam our insurance.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MisterMagicMower, Jul 11, 2019.

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    So like the title says, my company looks after a small condo complex, and one of the residents there is claiming that we hit her car with our mower. She says it's a loaner vehicle from her car dealership, and wants to make a claim against our insurance. We definitely didn't hit her car, I was the one operating the mower that day.

    She sent us photos of the damage and it's really obvious from looking at them that she curbed the car. All the scuffs to the bodywork are in perfectly straight lines low down on the body, and the one wheel that's scratched has neat circular marks on it from where it rubbed the curb while it was in motion.

    She's basically trying to scam our insurance to cover the cost of the repairs that she caused to a loaner vehicle.

    The property manager who manages this complex has been a real problem customer for us and has caused us a number of issues. They like to try to scapegoat us for everything so we're ditching them. Predictably they're trying to tell us that it's our fault and that we need to allow this resident to make a claim against our insurance.

    Three things to note about this. One, this is in Ontario, and from what I can gather the rules here are that she has to report this damage to her insurer immediately and must make a claim against her own insurance policy. Two, she said in an email to the property manager that she didn't witness it happen, only that she "didn't notice the damage until they were gone". Three, our contract with the property manager doesn't make us liable for any property damage, in fact it doesn't mention property damage at all.

    So, since the property manager is trying to pin it on us, we're at a loss for how to handle it. We've tried telling them that it's nothing to do with us, she needs to go through her own insurance, but they've just come back saying that we need to let them make a claim against our insurance.

    Anyone have any ideas on what to do next?

    BTW we've already decided to drop this customer entirely.
  2. Greencuts518

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    Ignore them
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  3. Greencuts518

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    I had someone trying to put in a claim on my painting business, I threatened insurance fraud and they dropped it. Overspray on a car , but we weren't spraying.
  4. KUMA01

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    Had a lady try to make claim saying we hit her car and dented it. I said I’ll come out take a look at it. She said no I’m busy first red flag I said no I insist I’ll meet you wherever you want so I meet up with her she shows me the dent I say awful funny how it manages to rust in less than a weeks time.
  5. Mumblingboutmowers

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    You need to call your insurance company asap and make them aware of what is going on. I am not sure how things are handled in Canada, but here in the states, the insurance companies will battle it out, they have their own attorneys.
  6. sjessen

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    What he said. Also, consider taking the mower you used and see if you can get the "marks" to line up. She may be a ditz and didn't realize what she had done.
  7. OP

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    I'm reluctant to do anything with the insurer at the moment, as I've heard way too many horror stories about insurers just paying out on bogus claims and then turning to the policyholder to demand they pay the deductible.

    At this point I'm somewhat tempted to report them to the police for premeditated insurance fraud.
  8. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Contacting the police may be the best idea. Let them do an investigation and they can report their findings to the insurance companies.
  9. That Guy Gary

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    Ya right.

    If it's not worth a lawyer it's not going to be investigated.

    Ignore her, let whoever you actually work for know about the situation and your course of action.

    We had a cheerful fellow driving a BMW in a complex who kept trying to get guys to agree we chipped the paint with our line trimmers.

    From the fine bark mulch they tossed around sometimes.

    We sand roads in the winter and.. most folks would be aghast at how we seal coat roads here.

    But the fine bark mulch is chipping a premium paint job.
  10. Grassfire205

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    Does the property have security footage of parking lot. If so ask to see it. Maybe even have police come so its documented that you tried to view it. Then if they dont let you and it goes to insurance let them know about cameras and if the day and time you were there somehow disappeared you know its bogus and shes caught lying.
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