Advice on 04 Silverado with 6L

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by corey4671, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. corey4671

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    Hey guys. I have been looking to trade trucks recently. I have a 00 GMC Sierra Z71 that I bought brand new. It has about 93k miles on it I have found an 04 Silverado 2500HD with 73K miles with the 6.0L V8. Want some feedback from some of you guys out there that have one of these trucks with that motor. NOt sure of the rear end ratio but I would assume it is most likely a 3.73 POSSIBLY a 4.10. Dealer is asking 17995 for the truck. Book is over 19k for it. Let's here your coments here. See it here
  2. cutbetterthanyou

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    i dont have one but my only advise is dont trust just kelly blue book. search around to see what other trucks like this are going for. kelly blue book said trade on my truck was 17500 and private party 20000 retail 22500 it has been for sale for 20000 obo since july. a guy is finally going to buy it next weekend for 16500 it sucks to sell it that cheap but i have bills(i foolishly bought a 06 crew cab duramax before i sold my old truck) i think nothing is selling because of winter ,christmas,and tax time. so just seach around and make sure you find the best deal good luck
  3. corey4671

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    hey thanks. I actually researched it on autotrader searching within a 200 mile radius and they are pretty well on with the price for the miles and the year, maybe a touch on the low side. It is a one owner lease turn in per carfax and was traded in by an individual about 70 miles friom me so I know it wasn't up north in salt. I am going to scope it out tomorrow afternoon after church and possibly drive it Monday afternoon.
  4. vadeere

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    That truck has a 4.10 ratio. The 6.0 chevy is an ok motor. Descent power if you haven't owned a diesel, but like all gassers you pay for that power at the pump. it would make a good truck to pull a couple of mowers however I think you would be dissatisfied if you are pulling 8-10k on a regular basis. i had a 2004 2500hd but mine was not a good example of a quality vehicle unless you like your trucks sitting in a service bay on a weekly basis. I have since traded that truck for a 07 dmax. the truck is only worth what you or the next guy behind you is williing to pay for it. me personally that truck is worth 17ish. My '04 I traded was a regular cab LS 4x4 with 46k on it, dealer gave me 14k for it. The stealership is asking 21k for it. I dunno its up to you. If I was you I would look at the '07 classic, maybe find a good deal b/c that is an old bodystyle. It would have 100k warranty, good financing and you would know what you were getting. Beware of piston slap on those vortecs, mine had alittle when cold. most of my issues were electronisc related, but i traded the truck b/c i am positive the little f'er had a cracked head. Dealer replace waterpump but issues arose again. I pity the fool that buys my old one. Good luck w/ whatever you decide. i hope I did not scare you on the Chevys, they do build a quality vehicle. I had a bad one. Sorry for the rant
  5. vadeere

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    Oh yeah be prepared for 12mpg all the time, worse if loaded.
  6. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    I have the 6.0 in mine with 4.10 gears and it is great. I have plowed 3 foot drifts, and over a foot of snow with out a problem. The engine has great power and have not once yet had it bogged out or anything. I get about 12 city and have gotten 17 on the highway. You should go check out the Chevy/Gmc forum over on plowsite. You can learn alot more about this truck there
  7. zedosix

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    My advice is if you like spending time at the pump then go for it. They are pigs on fuel if towing anything. I just spent 6 hours in one this weekend (not my truck) towing a 21' trailer with 3 sleds. He had to run it with the tow haul on all the time. It averaged 8mpg on the trip. This is the new 07 silverado which is supposed to be more effiecient than the older ones.
  8. corey4671

    corey4671 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thanks for the input guys. I have a been a GM guy for nearly 15 years. All I've ever owned. I just haven't had any experience with the 6.o and have n't heard any feedback good or bad to know what to expect. I can buy an 07 brand new that has a STICKER of 31k, but I am just kind of against paying brand new sticker price. I just doin't think it is worth it. THe only wya I might do it is later in the summer when the HDs get the NEW body style. Feel like if the dealer still has the truck there will be some big rebates on the truck. SAme dealer has an 06 crew cab with the 6.0 that has 27k miles but I have no idea what they're asking for it. Kbb lists the truck at around 27kish,,,,Gosh I just can't see shelling out that kinda money for a truck that I am looking to make money with. With this 04, I can probably trade for about 9k-10k. I paid 32k for my GMC when I bought it new and the trade value is about 9k. Lost 23k in 7 years. That's a 70% loss. Ever wonder where GM can up with the slogan LIKE A ROCK for their trucks? Drops like a rock.
  9. mattfromNY

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    I've had an '04 2500HD since October. Had 54000 miles when I got it, I've put 13000 on it so far. Got it for $15700 with a 8.5 Western Ultra Mount plow. I've used the hell out of it so far, and the only problems I've seen would be the fuel mileage sucks (I figure I'm getting 8-10 plowing), and it overheats constantly pulling hills with the plow on front. I've never had a truck heat up so much with a plow. As far as pulling power, I love it, but I'm coming from a '99 1500 with a 5.3, and theres a HUGE power difference. As far as having to run with the tow/haul button on, I havent had to use it pulling 7 face cord of firewood in my dump trailer up some pretty nasty hills. I've hauled 5 tons of gravel, but that was on flat ground. I've seen the service records on my truck since it was new, and no problems or major fixes. I did have to replace the rear wheel ABS sensors (as I did with my '99)- they were recalled on my '99, but not yet on the '04. Dealer told me to hold my receipt and if recall comes up on that vin range, I will be reimbursed.
  10. corey4671

    corey4671 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Do you only see the overhaeting issues when plowing? What about towing? I too have the 5.3 V8 in my GMC and while it does OK, it could stand a little help now and then. I am used to getting 10mpg when towing the 18ft open trailer with mowers.

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