Advice on a skid spray rig and other equipment, please

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bcg, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I've just recently gotten my applicators license and now need to purchase equipment but don't really know where to begin. I've been in business for 8 years and am a licensed irrigator so I'm very familiar with the industry and have accounts setup with vendors but am just unfamiliar with the various equipment manufacturers in this area. I'll be using an F250 diesel for applications initially so I've got capacity for a larger spray tank if needed.

    My question is who makes good or the best skid spray rigs and where do you normally purchase this sort of stuff? We don't have a BWI in town that I'm aware of. John Deere Landscapes sells a smallish one but it doesn't look to me to be all that robust for daily use and Northern Tool has some options but while I like Northern, I know that the mowers, line trimmers, etc. that they sell are not commercial quality so I'm very hesitant to purchase a spray rig there.

    What size skid spray should I get?

    For the other stuff, I'm guessing the Lesco spreaders and backpack sprayers are good stuff or do you guys prefer someone else? Our current mowing customers are all fairly small lots (under 20k total) so I don't really think that a ride on spreader is needed, at least not right now.

    I'd like to stay under $6k - $8k in startup equipment if that's possible. I can spend more if I need to, just don't want to and I already have a truck so I'm hoping that's a workable budget.

    I know my questions are a little vague but any help or direction you guys are willing to offer is greatly appreciated.
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    Since you are going to work out of a F250, Here is what I suggest:
    1. 200 Gallon Space Saver Spray Rig with Hannity Electric hose reel, lawn gun with yellow tip and 400' of 3/8" hose from GNC Industries. They will tell you that 400' will not fit on the reel but they tell me that everytime too and I have to remind them that all three of my rigs have 400' on them. I would also spend the extra $300 and have a key start put on the rig but you dont have to. This rig will fit in the back of your truck up next to the cab.
    GNC Industries - 1-800-462-2005 Ask for Mark.
    I have 3 of their sprayers and will not buy any other type. A lot of places sell their sprayers but you can buy it from them directly and they ship it straight to you.

    2. Lesco Spreader $300. I would buy the larger spreader just because of the larger tires. $100 more

    3. A couple of Backpacks. I use Solo, but there are several different types out there. $80-100 each.

    You should be able to get started with the equipment at a good price. $4,000-$5,500 depending what options you go with.
  3. bcg

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    Thanks for the reply. I just called GNC and they quoted about $5600 for that sprayer with $300 for shipping.

    Gregson-Clark has something close (300' 1/2" hose and manual start) for about $3900. I don't mind spending extra for something if it's worth it but do you think the GNC is $1700 better than the Gregson-Clark? If so, what makes it better?

    I'm not asking to start an equipment debate, just honestly want to know what the additional $1700 buys me.
  4. jad004

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    I don't know who you talked to but I just called Mark and double checked with him. He was probably at lunch when you called. He said to call him back.
    Mark Beagle
    200 Gallon Space Saver
    6HP Manual Pull Subaru Engine with a **5 year full warranty** ( I Like this Motor over Honda)
    Piston Pump - Which I personally like over the diaphram pump - No Bad diaphram downtime.
    They are maintenance free
    Hannity Electric Reel - 300' 1/2" hose is standard. I put 400' 1/2" hose on my rigs. He will tell you it will
    not fit, just tell him Jeremy said it would.
    Lawn Gun and Yellow Tip

    $3,900 plus $300 for shipping. Being out of state, you pay no sales tax
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    I would look into the ride on I wish I would have done it before this season. I run a trailer 65 gallon tank from tractor supply(100-150$) with a harbor freight clean water pump. (35$). I do a all size lots from 3k to 10acres. I won't even post what ride on I have because it starts a bunch of crap when one or the other is mentioned. Find one used and you will never look back. Im younger 28 but dragging a hose is for the birds.
  6. bcg

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    Thanks, I called and talked to Mark and his pricing was better. I went ahead and ordered one with 375' of 1/2" hose. He says he can squeeze the 400' on there for you but it leaves 0 room so I decided to do a little less and have some slack.

    Now to get the backpack sprayers, spreader and all the other little odds and ends like measuring cups, nitrile gloves, etc.

    Anybody care to give me some hints on the odds and ends? What sort of things do you find indispensable (or at least really useful) that you wish you'd known about starting out?
  7. jad004

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    I knew that first price wasn't correct. You will be happen with the rig. I'm not a saleman for them, I just like their product.

    Most chemicals now come with measuring devices. A lot of chemical suppliers will give them to you if you ask for them. Any other ones that I need, I order through That is where I also get my gloves. Green Flock-lined nitrile by the dozen. Don't forget the rubber boots, chaps, and safety glasses

    There are probably places that are cheaper then Gemplers, I don't know, but I like to be able to order everything I need from one place, in one order.

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