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advice on bidding


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Antioch, IL
i am bidding a 33 acre park district. 14 diffrent park. Can anyone give some advice on price per acre or price per sq. ft. the job involves trash pick up, mowing, and trimming. there is also about 60 yards of mulch to put down. how much should i charge for the labor for mulch since the quantity is higher? any help would be great! thank you!


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Figure in how much everything cost for you to run a business for a day. Add the amount of money you want to profit per day. Divide that number by the amount of hours you will spend actually at a customer’s property.

Here is an example….this is just an example so do not use these numbers.

Fuel, trimmer string, ware and tear on equipment plus all the things to be legal cost $150 per day

You want to profit $150.00 per day

You know on a 10 hour day you will only be working 6 hours making money. The rest of time is working on equipment, paper work, or traveling from job to job.

For a 10 hour day, with 6 hours of work that you can charge for, you will need $50.00 per hour to operate while you’re on a job working.

hope this helps

KC lawn guy

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you can also call some of the bigger companies and ask what there hourly price is and alot of the times they will tell you. as for the mulch in my area i charge $100 per yrd and that figures in employees 2 plus any running around i might have to do on bidding something. no body here has any problems paying it

R & R Yard Designs

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Matteson Il
Stay, what park distirct is that for