advice on buying new chevy 1 ton dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BufalinoLand, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Its well over due for the dump. Im trying to fit it in the budget for the spring. I know there are 2 different chassis lengths from Chevy. A short and a long. Can anyone give me some insight on what they have. Im getting the cab and chassis and having a local co make me a bed and put a pump on her. And also anyone know the current market for a 4x4 chevy one ton chassis..

    thanks Joe
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    I just got in my new extended cab cab and chassis. There are actually 3 versions you can get reg cab with short or long wheel base and the extended cab with only a short wheel base. The short wheel base can only fit a 9' dump bed where the long one will fit a 11' bed. That is the main difference.
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    If you are going for a reg cab truck go with the truck with the 84ca not the one with the 60ca which is the swb truck. The lwb reg cab truck should have a 160-164 wb which will fit a 11 or 12 box. If you are hauling lots of bulky light stuff go with a truck with a 11 or 12 box a 9' box is pretty much good for gravel and thats it. I had a truck with a 11' dump all my straight flatdecks are 12' decks anything shorter is useless. I haul brush etc which is light but you need the deck space for volume.

    As for a 1 ton truck you know you won't have much payload once you put a box on the truck because the truck only has a 12,000lb gvw and your tare weight is going to be around 7500-8000lbs. That will leave you with a 4000lb payload which isn't much so that will give you about 1.5-2 yard capacity.

    I would look at a F-450 Ford it will give you a 15,000lb gvw and a legal payload around 6000lbs. The F-450s handle just like a 1 ton so the only difference is you can haul more safely.
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    Much abliged

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