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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dkr77, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. dkr77

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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and could use your help. Let me start off by saying I do not mow commercially but I am in the process of building a new home with anywhere from 3-5 acres to mow. To me, mowing is a chore and the sooner I can get back inside my air conditioned home the better I will like it. Also, I am by no means a mechanic and due to my budget I will have to keep the cost to under $7,500. So here is where I need advice from some of the more experienced grass slayers on the forum. Should I consider a used commercial machine, a high end residential machine or a lower cost commercial mower? Should I purchase a front or mid mount deck? I have tried a 60" Ferris with a 23 hp kaw but while mowing the anti-scalp wheel fell off and I accidently run over it. My wife also had a heck of a time with the pedal that raised the deck. I tried a scag turf tiger (used 2001 model $6000) and it mowed well but the ride seemed rough. Other mowers I have looked at, but have not demoed, are a new 23 hp 60" front mount bush hog ($6000), a new 23 hp mid mount 60" hustler ($7,100), a new 60" 23 hp mid mount ex-mark ($7,300), a new 27 hp 60" mid mount toro ($7,200) and a used 25hp (3 cylinder kubota) front mount grasshopper ($6,300). Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any replies. Dan
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    Hmmm...maybe you should hire one of the great companies on the board and spend all the time in the a/c? Only 3-5 acres once a week really doesn't rquire an expensive mower. A rider yes but for you going commercial is really not necesarry. A highline tractor from sears would probably be fine and you can get them to repair it. You wan tas much power as you can get and a deck around 52 inch, or even a little under would be ok just take longer to get done. Wouldn't buy used because there are the possibilites that any commercial unit you see for cheap is either on it's last leg or is stolen. Seriously check into what guys in your area charge to do lawn service it might be worth paying for that rather than having to waste time, gas, etc.
  3. Doc_77

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    i don't have any experience with these mowers but you might wan't to check some of these out.

    again i have never used these but I'm sure they would be better then a sears crapsman.
    also what out4now said is correct , there is no need to buy a commercial mower if your just cutting your own yard.
    i only cut 7 yards and I'm not even sure if i need a commercial mower yet.
  4. cgotro

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    Go find a Hustler Dealer in your area. Look at the Fastrak 52/20. Great mower for the price. The 52/24 Mini Z is one of the best small frame mowers arround. Demo one of these before you make your mine up. Check out the warrantys too.
  5. Mowin Mac

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    DKR, I started in the same boat as you, had the new house with 5 acres to mow. I bought a Murray 21hp 46" at the local tractor supply for about 1,300. I used it for two years, then during the third year, every time I mowed, i had to fix something. Front axle, spindle, steering linkage. I noticed that all the lco's in this area using Exmarks, so I went to the dealer, took the plunge and bought a 48" 18hp Kohler Lazer HP. Absolutely the best purchase that I have ever made. I'm sure that there are other commercial mowers out there that compare favorably to Exmark, but I am still amazed every day by this machine.
  6. musselman

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    Do you have alot of trees that may need leaf you want to mulch side discharge or bag? If you just want to mow it quick and get out Id look into the Hustler or check into a local LCO to do it for you. If you have extensive leaf removale you may want a bagging mower such as Walker...good luck
  7. dkr77

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    Thanks guys. I currently have very few trees to mow around but I will have a large fenced in area to keep my shepherds. I have a 44" simplicity that does a good job on the 1 1/2 acres I have now but it will take a large part of the day to mow 5 acres with it. The mower will be a tax write off on some rental property I own. I presume that mowers are similar to tractors in that "a big tractor can do about anything a little one can, only better." Thanks, Dan

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