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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by replenish&subdue, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I confess to hiring an 18 yr old to shovel this year. He wasn't very fast, but he could do it every day and I could get out of bed much easier every day. :)
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    I talked to onebreezer and he can do two a day (if needed) but is putting 7 yards of material on per site - aeration and filling in low spots. He does 150 to 200 of these properties each year and making big $$$. Sounds like a great operation to me! His dressing material sounds pretty cool too - stumps with roots that have been ground up with dirt/sand attached and composted then sifted into a dark rich loamy material full of OM. About 1 yard per 1000 sf.
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    This is partly why I prefer my Turfco Mete-R-Matic over the Ecolawn. With the Turfco I can easily tell where I've already been & covered. Not so wth the Eco-lawn. Running the two machines on the same yard was maddening until we designated the backyard to Ecolawn(faster groundspeed) and the Turfco does the front.
    If I could buy an Ecolawn tomorrow for $2500, I'd do it because of it's speed and ease of use (1/3 the weight of the Turfco) but you can't and when I can purchase a used Turfco for $2100 and less then that's definitely the way for me. Anyone have an Ecolawn they want to sell me for $2500?
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    Conveyor truck- What's that look like? Make/model/Expensive? I've looked at them all (so I think) and find them unaffordable at this time. I'm tired of driving to refill after each job since my F350 dumptruck can only hold a maximum of 7 yards.
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    Believe it or not if you just idle while spreading, you can do even the smallest yards. Whereas with the Turfco's we'd be banging into things and still missing areas.

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