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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by rockee, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. rockee

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    I'm looking to the pros here for some help. Installing an irrigation system, have received a few quotes, and narrowed it down to one installer,

    I think system is fairly complex, with drip, mist, and rotor zones - 15 zones.

    First question. Installer is proposing Hunter PC 15 (PC 300i as controller with 9 and 3 zone modules). Is this a decent one or are there better?

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    Everybody has their favorite. Your ability to operate and take full advantage of its functions to use your system properly is more important than the controller brand you choose.

    Having said that I use the Weathermatic Smartline with the weather monitor. It uses ET based watering and if set properly removes the homeowner from making too many watering decisions. Hunter has an ET system that can be attached to your controller I think.

    Good luck
  3. Wet_Boots

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    15 zones is an awful lot (I'd probably have to use more than one valve box :)) ~ I might consider throwing a few more dollars at it, and use a Hunter ICC, and that way, you aren't maxed out on zones.
  4. Bigred350

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    Its hard to beat a rainbird Lx series modular controller. Its very easy to operate.
  5. b121774

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    The Pro-C is an excellent controller. I always lean toward installing them if the customer will pay for it, but 15 zones is MAX so if you think you might ever need more, get the ICC which goes up to 48 zones. The price difference for a pro-c with 15 stations and an icc with one 8 station module to make it 16 station is a very little, about $70 wholesale.
  6. rockee

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    I'm new to this, and trying to learn as much as I can, so please excuse my beginner question. You're referring to "using more than one valve box". I assume that each zone has a valve. Should each valve be in a separate box - 15 valves, 15 boxes? Which are the best valves? Weathermatic, Irritrol, Rainbird, Hunter?
  7. TPendagast

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    he was being sarcastic about one valve box.

    you can get 1-4 valves per valve box depending on set up (although Ive seen up to 7 in one valve box in what Ive "affectionately called" Valve condos!... i opened the darn thing and almost screamed, then I found four more set ups on the same property and I just went home for the day!)
  8. rockee

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    So, a few more questions, if you don't mind.

    No more than 4 valves /box? What determines how many / box? Location of zones?

    Should the boxes be buried below surface, under mulch, or should they be above ground?

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    These are questions for your installer. A-1 and Rotar live close by you maybe they can guide you as to the way it is done in your area. In TX we like one valve per 6" box scattered all through the landscape. I suspect you are getting a poly system being installed by a plow.
  10. rockee

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    I know the installer can answer these questions, but I am looking for independent opinions. Unfortunately, installers may do what is "easy" and the least costly for them, but may not be the best for the client.

    By poly, do you mean PVC? Yes. Plow, do you mean a "ditch-witch"? Tyere will be some rotors and mist heads, but the majority of the system will be drip since there are quite a few beds, and want to be efficient and economical in watering the shrubs. This will be installed by hand, and it seems like will be very labor intensive.

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