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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GardnerLandscaping, Jul 29, 2006.

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    I'm looking to dress up a bench at the end of the driveway. The area has been an eye sore for the client so she wants to dress it up.

    I've attached a picture which faces towards the side yard and driveway. The area behind the bench is the side yard.

    I've already soften the grade and planted the bank with gray owl juniper, which grows 3' high x 6' wide and has a silver/blue color to it. It is mulched with pine straw, which is popular for Georgia. Clusters of iris and daffodil bulbs, and possible other perennials will be planted in the area in front of the juniper with rock accents.

    Hydraegna, Big Blue liriope, and hostas are in the stone walkway area leading to the back porch.

    There is a wooded backdrop in the backyard which has a dark appearance. Dogwood and trash maple trees are dominate in the area.

    I usually see benches on pathways landscaped with a fine textured plant with height.

    Is it right to use a fine-texture plant like jasmine and abelia behind a bench, and put a coarse round-left shrub behind it, especially considering the wild appearance of the foilage in the side yard?

    We've considered a mystery (weeping) gardenia instead of the jasmine/abelia, but I think it would be too dark for the area. Same thing with a shade tolerant camelia, which isn't out of the question yet because it might be bright enough to not be washed out by the wooded backdrop and side yard while softening the brightness of the juniper and bulbs.

    The area gets about 4-6 hours of full sun after noon. Of course deer are a problem but there are probably about 200-300 hostas growing in the backyard to feed the deer without them wanting to eat something less tasty.
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    The coarse leaf shrub i had in mind is a japanese shrub with green clustered leaves that shoot out bright yellow and red color leaves. It has a slightly wax texture to it. I wanted to use to sort of use a darker backdrop but still richly colored to blend with the gray owl juniper. i'm concerned the area beside the drive-way might have been brightened up too much with it and needs to be contrasted and broken up with some darker bushes.

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