advice on gas or diesel, etc.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Surferbum21, Jan 13, 2012.

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    tranny probably slips on the hot+175hp when towing heavy, and empty it doesn't slip. and on the mild 60hp setting it doesn't slip and it adds a nice boost in power so it really it optimized on the towing setting. unless its a 2010-13 dodge or you did an after market valvebody in the transmission and bumped up the line pressure so it doesn't slip.
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    It's a 2011 6spd manual trans.
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    I'm in the same boat as the OP.
    Currently I run a 2012 F350 XL Reg Cab 6.2 gas 4x4 w/ 3.73's and e-diff

    Towing my 6x10 enclosed trailer with Walker, push mower, blowers etc I get 11-12mpg's. Lots of stopping and starting. No highway driving.

    Empty and w/o trailer I get around 15mpg's

    Average range on a full tank: 365miles Towing, Around 400 Empty

    Winter fuel is here and I have seen MPG's drop by a MPG or two.

    I'm somewhat ocd and I do the math every fill up.
    Also average around 14-17hrs per fill up.

    I love the power, this truck is strong. I fill up once a week.

    Now I'm looking for a 'cheap' diesel dump for my crew to drive.

    I don't want to pay the guys to stop at a gas station every other day.

    Finding the right truck is hard, I looked at used trucks for 2 years. All I saw was crap and didn't want to waste my money. I've got a 5yr warranty to help me sleep at night.
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    Here is my set up with two yards of mulch in the bed
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    That's one of the funniest things I've ever read. It takes FUEL to make power, period. It's possible to make an engine more efficient by improving intake and exhaust as well as adjusting injection timing. But to get more hp, especially the really hot tunes it takes more fuel. Everyone I've talked to that has chipped a truck for more power really likes it but they admit that mpg is the first thing to go once the power is turned up.
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    I'll tell you what, I'll never buy a gas engine Isuzu again. I made the mistake of buying an Isuzu with a gas engine(Chevy 350) off of this site back in 2010. I have never in my life seen a gas engine use that much fuel before. I truly believe that's why he sold it to the next sucker(me:rolleyes:) who came along. The funny thing is that, when I asked him about gas mileage, he said it wasn't that bad.:rolleyes:I'll put it to you this way, I was putting $50(only filled it to half a tank) in it every 2 days!!!!!:dizzy::dizzy:I live exactly 9 mins from the town I mowed in-I had a very tight route-jobs within 1/2 mile from each other.....that's as far as that truck was driven on a regular basis. I finally had to sell the truck because I was going broke trying to run it-it was a really nice truck too-It killed me to have to sell it seeing that it was the perfect truck for me. It also used a quart of oil every 2 wks, which was not mentioned, and I had to drop about $1200 into the engine and exhaust system 3 months after I bought it-not cool. I think that may have explained why he had pretty much parked it for a year before I purchased it. I bought a new Isuzu box truck in 01' with a diesel and highly prefer the diesel in the Isuzu.
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    Gotta say that it's true. First hand experience too. 180 mile trip there with chip off at 18 mpg. 180 miles back with the chip all the way on, 24 mpg. That was the only difference.

    Sure, you lose mileage if you can't keep from slamming the pedal.
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    Even with a chipped truck you are still going to get way better fuel mileage out of it than you will with a gas truck. The towing tunes are designed to increase your power through the powerband in all gears and some are setup with a turbo brake to help with slowing you down. They keep the rpm's late addy which is saving you fuel in the long run.
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    I started out with a v8 dakota pulling a 14 foot open trailer with two mowers. I was getting 8mpg. I sold that and got an 03 3500 cummins 6 speed and towing I get 14 to 16. Its chipped and has 5 inch strait pipe and intake. The chip deffinately helps mpg!! I get at the least 1 to 2 mpg better with the chip up the hole way!! Empty i get lower 20s. The one thing with cummins is they run alot cooler then the other diesels when pulling from my exsperience and I know a good many people with both dmax and strokes. They all make good trucks but I would deff reccomend a diesel.
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    As others have mentioned, it really depends on the loads you're pulling, terrain, and mileage. All of my work trucks are gas powered chevys, but we are a relatively low mileage outfit (for example my 99 3500s have 80 and 81k miles). Gas mileage isn't great, but I tow 10,000# several times a week with that equipment. I typically average around 9 mpg towing, and 10-11 unloaded. Diesel would be better for gas mileage, but I would NEVER see that return on my investment, as every other component of the vehicle (frame, electronics, body, interior, front end parts, brakes) etc., wear out long before the motor ever would. I also like to rotate new vehicles into the fleet. My gassers are also very easy and cheap to maintain. Food for thought.

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