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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by C Cutters, May 22, 2007.

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    Alright, heres my question for you all. I am finishing my backyard at my personal residence, thought maybe you guys could give me some advice on a few things.
    First, I am building a grill center. The body is going to be built out of cinderblocks, not sure yet what I am doing for the exterior. Anyway, I am getting ready to lay the base for this grill center using cinder blocks. Heres my question: Should I do one layer or two layers of cinder blocks? I will be staking it with rebar and am not sure if one layer is deep enough (cinder block is 7.5-8" deep). A friend told me I need to do two layers in case of frost in the winter/ ground moving. Comments????
    Secondly, I am laying a patio also. For the base I had calculated 4" crushed limestone, 1" coarse sand, then pavers. Is 4" base enough? I've heard some guys on here say yes, others no. Its supporting only foot traffic/ patio furniture, no cars or anything.
    One last small thing. For the grill center base I am using cement, and for the rock retaining walls I am using mortar. Sound right??
    Thanks in advance guys, appreciate all the input!
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    If you want to save yourself a lot of headache, Check out this website. Modular units for grill stations and accessories. This will not only save you time, but some cash as well. It is all we use on our custom units anymore because we are in and out in 1 day.
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    those are fine for a customer but they run several thousand without the grill. I know I canbuild one for less out of pocket at my home than the pre-fabs. If it for your own home save the monoey and spend the time doing it on your own.

    Yes you use mortar to adhere the veneers. you should build the footing for your grill with a base that starts below the frostline so it won't heave. here thats 30 inches. the patio base is fine but 6 would be better.

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