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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ArDonnie, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. ArDonnie

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    I work a full time job and take care of around 20-25 lawns per season. I have done this for 15 yr, fortunately in that time I have only broken 2 windows which I paid for. I gross 10-15k depending on the weather, I have inquired with my agent for liability insurance they do not provide this.(state farm)
    What are my best options to protect myself, any ideas on the cost? Thanks in advance.
  2. Landrus2

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    Is always good to have insurance up here is around $1500 per year.:waving:
  3. Eric's Lawnservice

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    Look around for an Independent agent who can shop the insurance companies to find the best deal. Some insurance companies won't cover someone who has never had insurance before. I went to an independent Allstate agent who got me 1 million dollar coverage with 10,000 for loss for 480.00 per year. But I am solo and that's not including company truck. Still have it as personal. For now!
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  4. joshua

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    Trucks and trailer should be listed as commercial vehicles.

    And the business insurance with replacement for equipment. Other than that you have to make calls and have different insurance agents shop it. Or if you have a good personal agent ask him to shop it. A good agent you explain it all out to you and make sure you have what you need.
  5. Patriot Services

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    You do realize this also a deductible expense. Provided you are truly legit and file your taxes.
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  6. ArDonnie

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    Yes, I would deduct it on my taxes. I have always reported it as added income and deducted my expenses. Would I be better off with a dba and seperate accounts?

  7. Ben/Insurance

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    Your best resource for getting a quote on your insurance would be a local independent insurance agent who represents a variety of carriers. They will shop for you and will likely give you good advise on what your options are in your area. A captive agent (Allstate/State Farm/Nationwide) is at a disadvantage here as they can only sell their employer's product. An independent agent works for you not the insurance company. Google "independent insurance agents association" and find a local agent. Good luck.
  8. GreenGuysLC

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    Absolutely get u some insurance!! It not only protects you but also protects your customers. My independent agent has me with travelers. It has been really good. They cover my and general liability. I cant say how much a year but it is worth it...and is a must if you wanna be legit. I would also suggest dba second account. Helps in tracking expenses as well as it just makes better sense.
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