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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by j.robinson389, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I hope I am not too out of place here, since I am by no means a professional in the lawn care industry. I read a lot of great advice here and thought I'd post my question here.

    This is on behalf of my dad. He has right at 2 acres of lawn that gets mowed regularly. This year he had a terrible problem with chickweed, so when his "annual guy" came out to spray his yard it killed the chickweed but then about a month later (late June, early July) Crabgrass set in. And now, it looks like he is starting a crabgrass farm. It has really overtaken a good portion of the lawn.

    I am looking to get advice on what type of product should be applied. He is never going to spend the money to treat 2 acres often enough to have a pristine lawn, but He will pay for an annual "Fert & Squirt". I am not really happy with the results he got with the current company. I believe that he sprayed the yard too late, and the Pre-em. did not catch the Crabgrass. Am I guessing right?

    What should he be looking for in a new company? What would be the going rate to treat 2 acres of lawn once a year. I know treating a lawn once a year will never yield AMAZING results, but I am just trying to be realistic, as I know he will not pay for 4+ treatments a year.

    Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    I'm not a chem app guy, and IFF I'm not mistaken ~> Chickweed is an annual that germinates in the Fall and remains dormant until treating it in the Fall is optimum.

    Crabgrass is also an annual, BUT it germinates in the late-Winter/early-Spring...which then remains dormant until the heat of Summer. So it is best treated in the the late-Winter/Early-Spring.

    Hoping someone here will verify all this...
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    I treat many customers that are are only 1 time per year and 99% of the time they just want the dandelions gone so there yards aren't a sea of yellow in the spring and early summer. We treat them whenever it is convenient and I would never put crabgrass control on a 1x or 2x. It's a waste of your money. Same with our two time a year customers. We are too busy to put a 1x a year customer in front of our 4-5x customers. Find a new company starting out that needs new customers, more than likely they would be the best fit for your fathers needs.
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    CrabGrass germinates in the heat of Summer, not Spring time , then stay dormant... the pre-m needs to be in place when the CG is germinating NOT 2 months before...

    Timing is everything... Here in Wisco, many of our Fall germinating weeds are already starting to grow... I hope we have moisture into Oct. when they will all be killed with the broadleaf spray...
  5. Valk

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    From this I will suggest to seek advice from your State/county extension service. Around here, down SOUTH (if you will), we are told that late March to early April is the time to apply a pre-emergent...though this can change with an early or late Spring. This has most to do with ground temps I believe.

    AND, this is another reason that a later application of pre-emergent that the big boy chem companies make in mid-late May (around here, mind you) is useful for crabgrass control. Those DANG crabgrass seeds can germinate at virtually anytime prior to their ritual infestation in Summer.
  6. Smallaxe

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    Typically soil temps greater than 55 degrees... the biggest point however is opportunity... the reason that some spots grow CG and others do not,,, have a lot to do with cultural practices that disallow opportunity... I never use pre-M on grass... :)

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