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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by billyed, May 9, 2010.

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    Well the Briggs on my Troybuilt mtd pos has given up the ghost so I need a new mower. Cutting 1.5 acres with a lot of trees. I was hoping to get another year or two out of the POS so I could get a good ZTR. But, the wife is out of work and I've only got about 4K max to spend Soo..... what to do???? I don't want a cheap ZTR with non serviceable hydros. The Hustler sport? Not sure which hydro it has. Exmark quest has ZT 2800 hydros but not sure if I can get one under 4K and it has the Briggs ELS which I'm not fond of.. Husqavarna has an LS series with the ZT 2800 hydro and a welded deck for about 4K. Any other options????

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    I don't know. Looked at the Sport, the Quest, Scag FreedomZ, Toro Time Cutter, JD 425, Bad Boy ZT, and the Toro Time Cutter. I didn't look at the all that much. Oh! I forgot the John Deere 445. For some reason I really liked the JD 445. My wife didn't. I like the Quest, but it didn't fit our property. I mow 5 tough acres of southern Bahia grass. The price of the JD and Quest were close. About $4,500. I didn't like the Briggs ELS on the Quest. But I liked the deck. I liked the KAWASAKI engine, duel hydro pumps, and wheel motors on the JD. I liked the way the engine was set up to change the oil and filter. I'll tell you what, the JD 445 is worth a look at. It had bigger tires than most. The Toro Time Cutter gets very good reviews. It's not a bad rig. My neighbor got a Husqavarna after seeing how easy I mow my 5 acres. I can tell when he starts mowing because I can hear the blades whipping the air from a 1/4 mile away. I can see a dust cloud rise above the trees from that far away. Last week as I passed by his place while he was mowing, it was amazing seeing him mowing grass in that dust cloud. I stopped and asked him what engine he had. It was a Briggs ELS. I'm not sure if he had a welded deck or a stamp. But that mower was getting on with it. I'd almost bet it was a stamped deck. Then there 's the Bad Boy ZT and MZ series. Both have welded decks. I'm wearing down so he's a few to look at.

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