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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by squidbilly, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I am currently looking to purchase a zero turn mower to cut Bahia grass on 7-8 acres total at 3 different locations. There is some rough terrain in places but not too bad generally speaking. The quality of the cut is rather important. I have up to $5500 to spend and have been looking for new or used mowers within that budget limitation

    I have been searching these forums for the past 3 weeks (while I sold other equipment to raise the money) gathering information on the various brands of zero turns and felt like it was finally time to post for specific advice. Ideally, I would like a Bobcat 52" FastCat Pro, but I was quoted $6300 + tax from the only local dealer (didn't ask about anything used). Then I looked at the Husquvarna MZ5225 which has some impressive specs for the $4300 total I was quoted. Lastly, I found a used 09 (maybe 2010?) Hustler Super Z with 60" cut, 31 HP Kawasaki, and 219 hours for $5200 total from an individual. The seller told me he was in a bind with a credit card company, and needed to get rid of it. If I go look at the used Hustler, anything specific that I should be sure to check?

    Any advice? I think I have considered every possible mower while weighing the pros / cons of each. As always, thanks in advance.
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    Other Used Mowers I Have Found:
    Freedom Z Scag with 61" cut, Less than 2mths old, less than 30hrs on the machine: $5000

    Scag 61" Turf Tiger w/ 27 HP Kohler Engine, 1300 hrs: $4000

    Hustler Super Z, 700-800 hours, new carb, new oil and filters: $4000
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    Hustler out of all of those.

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