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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Anticd70, Jul 21, 2012.

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    To All:
    My wife and I purchased this little Cape Cod about 2 years ago and after gutting it and getting the inside exactly how we want it it is now time for us to work on the outside and I was hoping you gentlemen can help. I am looking for advice on what types of plants and or shrubs the professionals would recommend for the limited space we have.
    Here’s some info on our property. We live in Northern NJ and have deer in our neighborhood occasionally. In addition, the property slopes down toward the front of the house but I have installed drainage in the flowerbed on the right side. We would prefer plants/shrubs that wouldn’t engulf the small space we have but also not look sparse.

    Thanks for the help, I have attached some pics, the front of the how is approx 30’. Looking forward to the recommendations.


    Left Side.jpg

    Right Side.jpg
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    Usually, low growing colorful evergreens are good for spots like that... If this faces South or West you'll have a concern about heat on those plants...
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    The low growing "sun splash" arborvitae, looks nice but intolerant to excessive heat/cold so that is a problem, as indicated... East facing areas are best for eliminating that problem... problems are all relative and must be balanced with beauty...

    There are many grasses that are interesting with the variegated foliage and grow as aggressively as quack grass... that stuff will grow almost anywhere and you're surrounded by hardscape so it is a possibility... :)
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    Think about a perennial like daylily. Many fine types, and colors are available. They get only about 18 inches tall. Prefer full sun or half day shade.
    Is this area irrigated? Full sun? East side?

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