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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Fahzu, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Fahzu

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    Can anyone offer me any advice on how useful racks and tool boxes are...or do they get in the way?? I know this is different for everyone, but I have a LCO but also do other small projects that require the entire use of my truck bed, i.e. compost, woodchips, plants. Do any of you find that racks get in the way aside from using them for pipes and ladders? Also, do any of you prefer portable tool boxes vs. bed mounted?

    Thanks for any help:usflag:
  2. topsites

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    I have more boxes I can count, one is bed mounted that one is absolutely essential, another is a full size hand-carried one that holds my hand tools which usually also goes on the truck...
    And a small cooler that holds my 'flat tire repair kit' with all the tools and plugs and patches and glue and what have you.

    These all stay home:
    Then I have a third similar one also hand carriable that holds most of my air tools and some big wrenches. Couple more mid-size ones holds all the surplus / spare / duplicated tools and the other holds specialty tools like gear pullers etc.
    Then I have another mid-size one for all stihl spare parts, two small ones both of which hold diagnostic tools (one for electric another non-electric), wait...

    I also have a full set of automotive A/C related diagnostic gauges and tools and freon and oil and gaskets and stuff, all this is in a cardboard box and if I had things my way I would have a TON more racks but they're hard to come by and not nearly as portable.

    Then there are the full-size carry totes made of hard plastic, two of these hold computer related parts like keyboards and mice and what have you, another holds all the grease guns and related stuff, yet another holds all the car wash stuff like soap and sponges and waxes and cleaners etc.

    Oh I almost forgot, another cardboard box holds all the extension cords and the drop lights and the 12v battery charger.

    So somewhere between 8-10 or 12 of them, total, then there's at least 3-4 cardboard boxes full of things like oil and antifreeze and cleaners and what have you.

    Should I get into what the racks hold?
    Oh yeah that's right, boxes, tools.

    I like it, the part that frustrates is half the time the exact part or tool I need I am fresh out of, or better yet I know I have it but I can't FIND it!
  3. SiteSolutions

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    Some sort of box is handy. When I just had my dump truck to pull my loader with, I built a tool area on my trailer to hold stuff. Once I got my pickup, I tore that stuff off the trailer and put a tool box / transfer tank combo in the pickup bed. With an eight foot bed, most things still fit in the bed despite the tool box.

    I used to drive an old F-700 that had a dump bed and a heavy steel tool box welded up at the front of the bed. I don't recall ever losing any tools out of it when dumping out.

    You gotta put tools somewhere. If you leave them at home, you'll need 'em. If you bring them with you, hopefully you won't need them.
  4. Fahzu

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    I guess that's my problem...I should have gotten a longer bed. Then there would be no question that a tool box would be in there. For the mean time the portable tool boxes have been okay since I can take them to the repair (vlaves etc.) and have everything with me in one swipe. I just get tired of loading/unloading 4 toolboxes. How about truck racks for ladders etc. Do you guys like having them? No doubt they are essential for some things, but do they ever get in the way?

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