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After long consideration, I've decided to sell my lawn care business of 7 years. Unfortunately I don't know if I'm valuing the business correctly.

Here is what I got and what I asking. Does this seem reasonable? Would I sell this on marketplace? facebook?

Solo operation (+1 @ times)

Turnkey lawn/snow business

2011 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Single cab (115K), Boss Plow, SnowEx 1075X Salter)

2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Single cab (125K), Western Plow, Western 2500 Salter)

1 Stealth Trailer 6’ x 12’ single axle trailer

2 ExMark Quest S-Seriers 50” mowers (300hrs & 700hrs)

1 ExMark commercial 30” mower

1 Honda residential mower

1 Exmark Metro 36” with sulky

2 stihl & Echo stick edgers

2 H/D push edgers (Mclane)

2 RedMax string trimmers (BCZ230TS)

2 Redmax 8500 backpack blowers

2 RedMax Hedge trimmer CHT220L

1 Kawasaki professional extended hedge trimmer

1 Remington Pole Saw 41BDPS1C983

1 Pulano 50cc chainsaw

1 lightduty chainsaw

1 Stihl BG85C Gas Handheld Leaf blower

1 craftsman rototiller

1 yard machine mini tiller

1 Ryanair IV 30” aerator (like new)

1 Classen TS-20 overseeder (like new)

3 wheel barrows

Various small tools (i.e landscaping rake, turf leveling tool, shovels, rakes, etc)

3 Snow blowers (Toro’s)

4 snow plow pusher shovels (24”, 30”, 36”)

2 IceBuster 100# walk behind salt spreaders

1 Rigid #100 walk behind salt spread

3 pallets (36ea) of 50# rock salt

85 customers (90 properties) with contracts. Averaging $2300-$2500 in just lawn cutting. All customers within 5 mile area.

Gross approx. $100,000+ year round.

I'm not interested in seller financing, selling only the accounts, or separating the package.

Business is very profitable. Just wanting to retire. All equipment maintained by myself or dealership. Weekly maintenance performed. I will help to make a smooth transition so you can hit the ground running. If you are interested and want to discuss this opportunity further please email and leave your name and phone number and the best time to contact you.

Asking $60,000

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