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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by terrabites, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. terrabites

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    I am starting my 2nd season and am currently solo. We operate as an LLC and I hope to hire at least some part time help by mid season.

    I plan to add fertilizer and pesticide applications to our service offerings this year and will be taking my certification exam next week.

    I am looking for any and all advice on how to really get this started from the operational aspect. Where to get materials (fert and pesticides)? What equipment do I really need? Issues/problems to look out for?

    Any help at all would be much appreciated.
  2. TurfWerks

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    Do you have any experience in weed control and fertilizing?

    I get my supplies from Winfield Solutions and local co-op when in a bind.

    I would look into a spray system something in a 100 to 200 gallon tank and at least nice commercial push spreader and maybe a hand can or 2.
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  3. terrabites

    terrabites LawnSite Member
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    The only experience I have is my own yard for over 20 years. All granular stuff from HD with a nice residential push spreader. So, I definitely need some help. LOL
  4. TurfWerks

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    What kind of grass types?
  5. RigglePLC

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    A 200 gal sprayer is a good bet. In 3 years you can use it to fill your ride-on. With luck there will be enough room to also carry your spreader on the truck. You need a stainless steel spreader. 50 pound capacity is good--no reason to load up with more than 50 pounds at a time. Get the rain cover and edge delflector. Be sure to bolt a short chain and a snap hook to your truck so you can retain it and haul the spreader between stops, without it tipping over. Keep a padlock handy so you can lock it if you have to park somewhere.

    If you need to use the truck for dry fert without spraying, try to build a set-up to slide the skid sprayer out onto a picnic table when you don't need it.

    You need about 3 one gal hand sprayers--if you can fit that many on the truck or behind the seat. One for herbicide, one for late season crabrass, and one for nutsedge.
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  6. terrabites

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    Mostly Bermuda and Fescue. There is a bit of Zoysia here and there.

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