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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DownSouth, Jun 25, 2005.

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    so im 15 right now and next summer me and my freind are going to start up a business..were not going to have any problems getting customers i dont believe becuase i have about 6 right now in my neighborhood and my freind has about 10. We plan on passing out flyers door to door to promote it and hopefully land a couple more customers..also my granddad owns about 50 rental properties that we will most likely be cutting for him and that will take up 1 or 2 days out of the week. my main questions are about equipment-

    right now between us we have most of the equipment that we need (2 gas weedeaters and trimmers, 1 gas blower, 1 gas edger, 2 push mowers, 1 walk behing zero turn and other various equipment. we both have family and/or connections in hardware stores and some landscaping companies so i was going to try to find a cheap used walk behind zero turn mower also because some of hsi customers have huge yards. besides that i think that we just need a trailer,

    does this sound good? any tips about good wasy to promote in a big city would be helpfull..ive gotten most of the info i needed from searching around the forums but anything would be great.

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    Well it sounds good so far, here's a bit of copy-and-paste from another thread:

    Here's the definitions for commercial lawncare mowing machines:
    Pushmower: Any 20" or 21" or so small lawnmower, they are ALL called pushmowers, yes, even self-propelled ones.
    Walk-Behind or wb: Thhe Midsize commercial mowers that have decks from 30" to 60" with sizes in between, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, and 52" I think. They are those big machines you see the guys running around in the shopping centers and even thou they are rideable and Zero-Turn CAPABLE, they're all called Walk-behinds, not Zero turn.
    Zero-Turn Rider or ZTR: That's the largest of the commercial mowers, they are Ride-only and highly Zero-turnable with controllers that operate the machine much like a tank, they are the ONLY machine named Zero Turn.
    Far as where to find them, you can try Ebay but then you have to pay shipping OR go pick it up yourself and Ebay is NOT the cheapest.
    Someone else mentioned to check with other LCO's in your area, more than a few of them have an older machine they might let you have for 1000 but you already have a lot of equipment and you said you have a walk behind so I would consider saving about 1400-1500 dollars and get a nice, new 6x12 trailer next.

    Also it sounds like your friends are like-minded so this might be an exception to the rule where you shouldn't let friends run your business so I wish all of you best of luck.
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    yeah my freinds dad is the manager at a hardware store and has lots of used ones come through there..i also have connections in some landscaping companys so i think i hope i can find a cheap wb for cheap.

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