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I have been planning to start up lawn service biz since last November. I have enough capital to live on for 2 months plus $5000.00 for equipment (already have truck). I was going to buy a decent used ZTR mower to start with. The more thought I've given, now I'm wondering if I should settle for a good used hydro walk behind and save the extra cash for an extra month living expenses, emergencies, etc. I'm 48 and in good health. Not sure if I want to walk 8-10 lawns per day versus riding but cash is scarce and may be wise to tough it out with a walk behind the first season. Which way would you go and why? Thanks for advice.<br>P.S. Lawns serviced will be single family residence, mostly 1/4 to 1/2 acre.


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Bassman, I would definetly go with a 48 or 52 hydro walk behind. A ZTR may save you a little time but on 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots not a whole lot of time. You will find that you will spend so much money on a new business that the 5 grand will go quick. I would also look at some Jungle Wheels or some kind of sulky unless all of your lawns are hilly or have tons of obstacles. You may also want to look at a used hydro walk behind so you can use it for a back up if you get a ztr next year.


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I would agree with the above post. Save your money and buy a walk-behind. The jungles wheels would be a great idea. They also sell something similar except you can sit down behind it. So you would still get to sit down while mowing. They're not that expensive either ($200 i think). A used mower would be a great idea too. I bought a 32in eXmark metro with only 30 hours on it for $1500 (non-hydro). It cost $2200 new. The guy decided to get out of the business so he sold all his brand new stuuf cheap. I also got an Echo Srm-2601 (weedeater) for $100! Good luck.<br>

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