Advice on taking an old house down

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by S&S Outdoor Services, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. S&S Outdoor Services

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    I've got a guy that's planning to take down an old home on a property he recently bought. I can figure out how many dumpsters to get and all that but as far as asbestos and lead paint etc. I'm pretty much lost. What do you guys have to do before you can actually go in with the excavator and do the fun part?
  2. benjammin

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    Certified Asbestos inspection.
    Easiest way I've seen an old house demoed is by calling the fire department and let them do a "training exercise".
  3. cat320

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    today you must get an abatment co in there to do the asbestose removal most guys will do an interior gut and salvage stuff and sell it off then you got copper pip wire all of which will bring in more money .
  4. meets1

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    Salvage first. Call abatment co and they will tell you that you have asbesto's - seems they always do here at least. Get whatever you can out of the house - must be fast and effeicient - take a sawsall along and batteries - or a cut off saw with abraisive blade - tear her apart!

    Then sit back and have fun! Usually here though the fire depo guys will burn for practise. They dig out the mess, the walls, fill, and seed.
  5. Dirtman2007

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    Yeah like everyone has said you have to get it checked for asbestos and have that removed before any demo begins. Onces thats cleared out just smash away, try to push everything in on itself and not strow it all over the ground so you have less clean up. And remember smash it, crunch it, run over it and everything to get it into the smallest peices so you can put as much as possible in a dumpster to keep the load count down.
  6. bobcat_ron

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    Google how to start a fire with brake fluid and chlorine tablets, lots of people do it here with ex-grow op houses that are too costly to fix up, and there's no evidence that can be traced back, it's awesome!!!!
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  7. S&S Outdoor Services

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I left a message for the city, so we'll see what they've got for rules and if the Fire Dept wants anything to do with this. As far as gutting the interior, what else is worth salvaging besides the copper?
  8. bobcat_ron

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    I would be looking to salvage doors that are solid wood, any hardwood flooring and trim on the walls like chair rails, decorative windows and bathroom items like sinks, vanities, tubs or mirrors. Also even small things like hinges and door knobs are worth saving depending on the age of the house.
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  9. YellowDogSVC

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    exactly. Antique dealers who restore doors, windows, etc., are always looking for parts. Old window weights, door frames, window frames, old glass, anything that can be removed by hand can be extra $$$ or worth trading for other goods or services. Copper...if it's in there, it doesn't take much to get a nice bonus these days.

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