Advice on these weedy beds (PICS)

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mg10117, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I would like to know how the majority of you would handle this job. It is for a friend of mine, so I’d like to have it done right. He has an on going problem with weeds in his beds (as you can see). Before I mulch his beds I would like to get it under control.

    My question is would you spray something like round up first, wait a while for them to die, pick dead weeds out, and apply something like snapshot. Then apply the mulch???

    Also, I usually charge anywhere from 65-75 / yard of mulch applied alone. What added charge would you tack on for post emergent, weeding, and pre-emergent control??

    Thanks for help, I am newly licensed and could use some advice…





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  3. greendoctor

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    Because this is for a friend, glyphosate, Scythe. Then once everything is dead, Gallery + Barricade. I maintain beds like those in the pics, would rather not have new weeds popping through. Another option is Ronstar Flo, that became legal for use in beds, as long as you, the applicator waters in the herbicide.

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    I'd spray Round-Up (glyphosate), mulch, then apply Snapshot, or if you want to go liquide, apply Gallery for pre-emergant broadleaf control + a Grassy weed pre emergant like Prodiamine(barricade) Dithyopyr(Dimension) , Surflan, etc. You'll have to go back over a little this year with Round-Up, but every year you use a Pre-Emergant in the beds, you'll see less pop up:)
  5. greendoctor

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    that is the beauty of a solid preemergent program, less and less weeds come up. I feel like a an amateur if I have to spray weeds several times per year. I also would rather not expose the trees and shrubs to glyphosate too many times.
    As precise as I am, there are traces that drift onto the ornamentals, over time this adds up and kills the plants. I can tell when a bed has been maintained with RoundUp, the plants do not look healthy. At sublethal doses, glyphosate is a growth retardant.
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    Thanks for all the quick responses:) much would guys charge to spray (glyphsate), take out the bulk of dead weeds, and apply a pre-emergent like snapshot for this particular case? The pics I previously showed in original post show the majority of the weeds...

    Thanks again...appreciate the help!!
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    yeah, spray, snapshot or other, make it a two product approach(meaning the product has two combined herbicides or actually use two as suggested.) and then mulch later that day after the round up and all has time to dry. do a second app 4 weeks later of pre-emergent to ensure success. follow up with touch up over the summer and keep the program gong year after year. good luck
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    i charge $25 per K
  9. humble1

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    $25 is for roundup only
  10. mg10117

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    what about $$$ for applying snapshot?:)

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