Advice on WB vs. ZTR for 33K ft lawn

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by cpa4t9r, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Starting the process of determining my next mower acquisition.

    I have a 2 acre lot, with ~33,000 sq. ft. of actual TTTF/KBG lawn. Two areas of fairly steep slopes and ~20 trees and established beds around house and natural areas.

    Currently have a Cub Cadet LT1046 (46" deck) - takes ~1-1.5 hrs. to mow.

    Neighborhood ranges from pushers to lawn tractors to full out Walker ZTRs. I love the stripes/manicured cut on the Walkers but the $$$$ is daunting.

    My 2 goals are improve the cut/striping (I mulch) and save time.

    Open to used commercial. Geographically, I have a Hustler, BOP (HQ in W-S), Scag, Exmark/Toro, Cub, Bad Boy and Walker dealers in close proximity - so selection is pretty wide open.

    Was originally ZTR all the way, but have been intrigued by a WB/sulky combo - especially if the functionality is good and from a cost/value standpoint.

    So far have been impressed with the feedback on the following so they are on the "wish list":

    Hustler miniFasTrak 42 & FastTrak 48 new or MiniZ used
    BOP Quick 44 Samurai (local pickup!!!) Could a Quick 44 fit in back of a Burb?
    Scag Tiger Cub (dream)
    Scag WB (hydro)

    If I got a WB, I'd keep the Cub for lime/spray apps/aerating & general duty. ZTR would be sole source.

    Budget would be the $3,000 to $5,000 range but could go up to $6,000 for a ZTR if I could get anything for the Cub.

    All the LCO that I've noticed have been a lot of Walkers, Exmarks and Scags.

    I've read a ton of the postings, so I've tried to be as specific as possible (sorry for the long post). Appreciate any input.

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