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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by rubiconlawn, Jul 3, 2007.

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    I know this has been gone over before but when I do a search a million threads come up. I am ready to put a website address on business cards, fliers, t-shirts, my vehicle, basically get the point. So give me your suggestions on a good hosting site, I am new, limited budget (very limited), and hope to benefit from your experience. I know I will have a lot to learn in the very near future about content but right now I am just looking for a host.

    Please put a link to your website and mention what you pay for the hosting, not the web admin. fee, I am planning on doing my own site at first.

    Also, if you started out with one host and switched you might mention why, probably not the name of the original host (I don't want to stir up hard feelings), and how long you have been there.

    One last thing, a comment on how your website has affected your business would be great also.

    Thanks for reading through all this,

  2. rubiconlawn

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    wow, low interest in this I guess.
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    hostgator , hostnine, both come with c panel, hostgator has tutorials for all the operations
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    if you do not do code or have a site builder I would suggest yahoo the whole hosting and site builder for ten a month at hostgator or hostnine for ten a month you can host many, many sites, site builder extra, I use xsite pro as a wyswyg (what you see is what you get) I also have dreamweaver (some edition)
    which is probably better to take the time to learn and use,

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    Well I am a firefighter and I used to do web design and hosting a few years back. A deployment found me selling my business to a good friend. Upon my return I decided to get outside more and started the lawn business.

    I went through a lot of hosting companies before when i was reselling. I found Hostgator and used them for my reseller business for about 4 years and now I still use them for my personal sites. The $10 plan. Never had a problem. I do believe they have a web site builder with their package.

    My site is a simple package with some addons. But it runs smooth. (Still a work in progress). My main site is Both sites are hosted on the $10 plan. The support is good. I have no complaints. You can usually get some one on IM quickly. By the way I know I ramble and I am not pimping them out just a happy customer.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the input, I'll check these out.

    Any advice on what to AVOID content-wise in my website? (your past mistakes) Any "best thing I ever added to my web page" experience?

    Help me succeed:dancing:


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    Do some research and read the past threads in this section.
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    Yahoo is way overpriced & Hostgator is a bit high (not as bad a Yahoo) but way oversells & is known for sometimes slow support but overall OK... sad I haven't seen any of my folks from here jump in ... guess they are busy landscaping

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