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    this is gonna be my first actual customer, since i stopped subcontracting, just needed some advice on the estimate form that the manager of a small company told to give him
    the lot is a 40 cars lot ( 40 minutes to plow)
    the lawn takes 45 min to one hour to be done
    all is a one man work ( me)
    how is the pricing and the form ( i don't want it to be super impressive since that manager likes simple stuff ( a friend of a friend reffered him to me )

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  2. sheshovel

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    Your form is not displaying.
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    Don't know about the snowplowing but the lawn part looks ok if your just talking basic mow, trim, blow & go. Contract looks simple to me if thats what your after. One note however, even on simple contracts (especially commercial props) I get paid all the time, does not matter if I mow five times a month or two. Around here contracts are not well received with the residential folks, I do have some on contract, but not all. The ones that are on contract are essentially the same as commercial props, one payment, each month.


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