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    Hey Guys I have just joined the site and find it very informative. I am looking to start my business next spring. I just bought a house and want to start farely close to where I live. I worked for a lawn guy about three years ago. I am looking for advice on how to attract the initial customers. I am realistic about not having too many customers the first season. However, I have already gotten two neighbors. Any advice you could give is appreciated. I have checked the archives,, but just wanted to get more advice.

    Also, What would be the bare minimum in equipment you think I will need to get started? I already registered my business and I have a trimmer, edger, and 36" mower. I have looked at trailers and will be buying a better truck soon. Thanks.:rolleyes:
  2. TLS

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    Direct flyers targeted to the customers that you want.
  3. bubble boy

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    bare minimum-also get a good back pack blower. make sure your trimmer is up to par. also look into insurance.

    you may need a hedge trimmer, depending on what you plan to offer.

    and you just never know, you very well could get enough work to keep you busy 5 days a week. i would suggest a cell phone, so youre always available.

    just some basics you might be able to use;)

    and do stay away from neighbors.
  4. yergus

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    i made up a four page informational flier telling people how to improve their own lawns, then i told them about the services we offer and a little info on the company ourselve. we also had two coupons inside.
    we handed them out to the areas we wanted to target. one thousand fliers handed out, thirty four new customers for next season and we are still getting requests for free estimates.
    we handed them out in august, so that when they finally are tired of thier current lco, they call us.
    it worked great. but they must be eye openers, because if the people don't open your flier, they sure aren't going to read them
  5. awm

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    you ask about bare minumum. sounds like u have it.
    assuming all this is in good shape. u will need a lot more as time goes by. but i could get by mowing w that. wouldnt like it much.
    hope you are young ,strongand accustomed to hard wk.
    cause thats what you are looking at.charge accordingly.
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    Nice Yergus! That is a great idea, much like my newsletter to current customers, info they can use, and then you are there to do it if they cannot. That's great. Maybe I should use my newsletter for prospects too.........

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