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    I have a cub cadet zforce 50" and a lawn boy dura force commercial 2stroke and a nice ryobi trimmer and bobcat skidsteer. I was wondering if someone could just give me any advice on anything. Also I wanted to know what I should do to make my zforce last as long as I can and take care of it. I was also wandering what the best affordable trimmer is. Do they make any stripe kits for a cub cadet zforce? Im am limited to how many jobs I can have untill I get my own zero turn I use my parents. Im 15 so I cant drive either usally my friend who is 17 that I work for takes me to jobs but i am not alowed now because my parents are worried about mower hours.
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    advice: don't take wooden nickels.

    To make your mower last, don't pop wheelies, change the oil every 50 hours, keep the blades sharp, and treat it like your baby. If you're looking for affordability on a trimmer, find a good echo. If you want an excellent trimmer, buy Stihl, Redmax or Kawasaki. There is probably a stripe kit for your mower, or worse cast scenario you can find a strip of rubber and tack it behind your deck to lay a good stripe.

    You don't have transportation, nor do your parents allow you to mow, so I don't quite understand why you're trying to do this. If you're allowed to mow just not allowed to use their mower, I'd grab a decent push mower and target small yards in the neighborhood, that will at least get you started.
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    dang dude you are limited arent you? but like he said above just take care of hte mower check your belts oil and blades and always clean your deck...just because it has a jet system (you hook your water hose up and it flushes it out) doesnt mean it gets it all raise the deck up pick up your deck guard and wash her out.
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    Yeah I do all that I dont use that stupid deck wash if my power washer barley gets how could that thing. Thanks guys.
    I actually have a nice ryobi and im getting the straight shaft attachment.
    do you think it would be a waste to get the brush trim attacthment i think i could get away with using only the string trimmer attatchment.
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    A trimmer will do pretty much all the work. A pair of hand pruner's is all you'll need after that. I think your best bet would be to get a decent push mower as mentioned above and work on your neighbor's in a walkable area of the neighborhood until you can get your own vehicle to drive once you get your drivers license.
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    i live in the country and i have a lawn boy 2stroke commercial
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