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    We are just starting out a new company. Looking at new equipment and wonder what is the best idea for a purchase. We are looking at a 50 or 60" z rider and a 36 or 48" walk behind, or 2 walk behinds. Client mix will be 50/50 residential and commercial. Gated and ungated yards and double lot commercial lawns. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. :confused:
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    Do you already have these properties or is this the mix you wish to end up with?

    You will need a 36" since you say gated properties. Depending on the overall size of these properties would give you an estimate of which size large deck. I run a 52" Lazer HP and it does great for all my properties, large and small. If you have mostly larger then the 60" would do better.

    I have 36", 48" and 52" mowers. The 48" is never used anymore. I can put the 52" anywhere the 48" went. Even though your only talking 4" it makes a big difference.
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    If you have the start up $$, then why not a 36 belt (as they really aren't that difficult to maneuver and hydro really isn't necessary w/ this small a machine), a 48" hydro, or stander and the Z-rider should be determined by the size and terrain of your properties. Large and relatively flat = 60,61 or 72". Or you could opt for 52 or 54". Deck size also determined by brand you choose.

    Very important to budget money for some good line trimmers, and hopefully the better high powered blowers!!

    Get at least a 16' trailer too.

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    The other half of this company (Mowme's brother). We hope to have this mix with some larger pieces as well. We would like to find the best starting package. We think we have settled on a 36" Hydro walk behind and a 50 or 60" ZTR. Any thoughts? BTW Mowme has a 32" Cubcadet walk behind for his home use, should we use it for gates and buy a 44 - 48" Hydro Walk??????
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