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    I am thinking of selling my 96' F350 diesel crew cab. I have had this truck for 4.5 years and it is a great truck. My reasons for selling is that I have a friend that selling a 95' mitsubishi fuso w/ a landscape body with 160,000 miles that I can get a great deal on. So I want to sell the ford to get the cabover. If a got the truck it would allow me to down size my warehouse and lower my rent by $225.00 per month. I also feel the Mitsubishi is a lot safer on the roads then a truck and trailer with a overall length of 54 ft! My question is, is it worth the $ 2700.00 a year savings in rent to sell a reliable, proven truck? I could also down size warehouses and just unload truck and trailer every night. I have never owned a cab over but have been told once you use one for a mow truck you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Thanks for the help
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    Well just my two cents as someone with the same era trucks as you. If you buy this other truck what surprises will you have in maintenance or additional insurance, you already know your truck what problems or upcoming service it will need. You might not save the rent money you could end up spending it fixing problems, just some thoughts.
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    I agree with JNG. But to make things more difficult for you I sold a pristine truck for a worked truck and paid more. It was a switch from a a 1/2 to 3/4 ton so i could plow. It was a risk and I have had to fix alot of things on the rust bucket but it was worth it in the long run because it suited my needs better. Id say go for it as long as you figure in the money for all the unexpected repairs.

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