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    I'm starting up this spring, going legit. Anyhow, I have a 6x12 open trailer, I'm getting some Stihl handhelds and I picked up a used Scag Wildcat with a 52" velocity deck. I was planning to just use the wildcat and be real picky on what customers I'd take on. I'm looking for roughly 20 accounts and I'd be real happy at that number. But, the more I think about it, the more I think I'd be able to make a good return in housing developments in my areas as well as doing some larger 1-2 acre properties. Problem is that I think I might need a walk behind for smaller yards, steep hills etc. I've run walk behinds before for companies I've worked for during college, and I hate them. I think theyre crazy dangerous. But I can't afford a stander. So I'm going to pick up a walk behind. I found a few Scags in my price range. But I can't decide if I should get a 36" or a 48"

    I have my eye on one of each, the 48 comes with a velke, the 36 doesn't. I like the idea of a 36 to get me on smaller lots and in to gated areas, but the 48" would be large enough to cover me as a backup mower should my rider go down for some reason. Based on all that, I have no idea what the accounts will look like, I haven't started to advertise yet and I HAVE ZERO CUSTOMERS right now. So I guess I need something that's as versatile as possible and will open up as many avenues as possible. So, what do you guys think I should do? Get the 48" with the velke or pick up the 36 without the velke. they're the exact same price but the 48" machine is a lot closer to where I live, is bigger and can serve as a backup.
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    Keep your Scag, a trimmer a blower and get yourself a 21 or 22 in self propelled . Make sure you can get enough work to cover all your cost first. Alot of people's first years out can be a little rough. Just my opinion. I mean unless you got someone backing you with a pile of MONEY!!!!
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    I have no intentions of getting rid of the Wildcat rider. But around my area, a push mower would be too small, the rider too big (maybe). PA is sorta "hilly" and flatter areas are tough to come by. I used to the be "walk behind" guy that did all the steep as hell stuff that the ZTRs couldn't hit. That's why I'm looking to get a walk behind. Money shouldnt be too big of an issue. Like I said, I'll have around 6500 bucks into everything including the trailer. That's two mowers, a trimmer, edger, blower, rack, and misc stuff for less than the price of a new ZTR.

    I hate push mowers. I'm too fat to be working that hard now, I've graduated from that crap. I did that deal back in high school on the weekends for beer/car insurance money. I hate push mowers with a passion. I used to push mow a 3 acre+ property for some rich doctor. He'd pay me 30 bucks a cut, but that's when I had the body of an athlete :weightlifter:

    anyway, choices are the 36" or the 48" what you think is more versatile overall without knowing the types of properties I'll end up with?

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    Me, i have a 2009 48" next Lazer z Exmark advantage series and a 2011 36 in Exmark viking hydro and it seems like they cover all my properties really well, with my largest one being a little over an acre. So if your asking me i'd say the 36"
    Even if your Scag went down for a while the 36 with a sulkey would still be productive until your Scag gets fixed. Just my opinion though..
  5. $30/cut on a 3 acre property push mowed?! I'm hoping that was in 1960.
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    LOL!!! :cool2:
  7. Moose's Mowing

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    So while I appreciate your advice on the self propelled....I'll never, ever, ever, not even once use a mower again unless it has at least 2 spark plugs. (please tell me those 15 horse kawi's are 2 cylinders) btw, do those Scag walk behinds come with a cup holder?
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    We all have to do what what we have to do.
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    Damn that's ashame, you really were leaving money on the table then worse than you would be now! That was the last year of an economic boom before 911 the next year. Never been the same since.
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    Since you already have a 52in mower, I'd get a 36. I use a 61" and a 36" mower.

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