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    Has anyone used Shaw's (Knox Fertilizer in Knoxville, TN) fertilizer before?

    I am thinking about using Shaw's Fertilizer with Dimension as one application this year.

    (5-5-25 .17% active .255 AI/Acre)

    Need your advice?
  2. That looks like it could be good stuff.

    I use Lebanon for my pre em app with dim.
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    It looks like you're mowing these lawns? New or old clients?
    I hope they got a good dormant N & very little winter damage.
    At 3.44 lbs./M (150 lbs/Acre) your lawns will recieve .172 lbs of Nitrogen.
    Is that enough?

    Around here the leaf & winter damage is severe. It's going to take more than a half pound of N to grow out the damage we see here.

    Just a thought.


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