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LawnSite Member
This will be my first season. I have been watching the site for a few weeks now. Thanks for all the good advice. I will be servicing a town home community doing driveways. The driveways are pretty small. Most of them only fit 2 cars side by side. I am wondering what is the best way to clear them? I was planning to pull up to the garage door and back drag into the street and then mound up the snow either at the base of the drivway or onto the sidewalk or grass. I have a 1990 Chevy c/k 1500 with an 8' Western (Old style) plow. Is this the best approach and if we get more than 4-6 inches, will I have to skim until I can get down to the driveway?


LawnSite Senior Member
He's right back blading is hard you will never get it clean once you drive on it.I always try to push to the side to get the bulk of it clear then back drag to clean the rest.

John Allin

LawnSite Bronze Member
Erie, PA
There are blades that mount on the rear of your truck, with down pressure, that will scrape a drive clean right from the door. Snowman Snowplows has several models. Daniels has one. If you have enough work, they are good to have. Cost less than a front plow (although you need the front plow too).

Michael Fronczak

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Rochester NY
We had the same problem last year, 49 unit townhouse complex, picked up another one this yaer down the road with 30 more. I bought a skidsteer with snowblade, works mint. I used it a couple of days ago because my operator had to go to his full time job, my other employee isn't comfortable in the skisteer. I couldn't believe how well you can see, it was a beutiful thing, only problem was snow was really sticky, and icy slid all over when pushing piles.