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    I searched online but the "Lemon Laws" is only for Cars but I found out that there's a law called "Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act" which helps consumers out on smaller goods. It states :If the product, or a component part, contains a defect or malfunction, must permit the consumer to elect either a refund or replacement without charge, after a reasonable number of repair attempts. So does this mean I could get a refund? Thanks for all the help guys.
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    I'd call or goto the dealer & tell them you consulted with your attorney & he advised you that you could get refund under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Personally, I'd goto dealer with mower & copy of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act & you'll probably walk out with refund or new mower. If no luck doing that, then consult an attorney for real.
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    The timemaster doesent have any safty switches it only has a magneto ground shut off. It sounds like the engine rpm is way too low to try to engage the blades. I think the govener spring bracket might have been bent or the spring could have even came off not allowing the engine to reach the correct rpm before trying to engage the blades. I think there should be a guard to protect it from being hit by branches or anything else at that height that could bend the bracket or pull the spring off. I would look at the govener spring bracket and spring to see if something is bent or missing.
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    Too bad Toro "Service Centers" don't have that idea... I suppose they got hired because they have a "Tech School" diploma... :)

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