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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OMEGA NEWB, Aug 6, 2008.


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    I just started the business with my brother roughly 2-1/2 weeks ago. We have approximately 10 accounts ranging in size from a postage stamp to just over 1/2 acre. We were using my fathers 22" residential craftsman at first, but just bought a new 21" commercial honda. We got it zero down 12months 0% so I figure we'll let the work pay for it as we go. I think it's taking too long to cut the larger yards and Im thinking about getting a used walk behind or rider. What do you guys suggest? Should I tough it out for the rest of this year, and then re-evaluate over the winter and see how many new accounts we get along with how many current accounts we are able to keep for next yr before investing in the new mower, or should I just get something now, and if so.....what kind?
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    My advise, at this point in the season, is start looking for a good used walk-behind. The later in the season, usually equates to better deals. Just do your homework and buy commercial only. Don't rule out a used stand-on.
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    Do what he said ^^^^^^
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    agreed. I'd go belt drive instead of hydrostatic. Much more mower for your money I feel like. But thats another whole discussion.

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