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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onestar, Apr 20, 2005.

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    New to the business not wanting to be full bore commercial and was wondering about the Bobcat ZTR's 52" with a 18 horse briggs. Is this a good mower and is this 18 horse engine enough to do the job? The mower can be had for $5000 plus tax. Any advise and/or suggestions welcome, I just can't spend much more than $5000 but want a commercial quality mower not the homowner versions, just mainly for my lawn and a few neighbors just to "justify" having such a mower. Thanks..
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    I have a Bobcat 218 ES. It has a 18 hp Briggs Intek twin. It performs well but could use more hp. I was told by the dealer and some one at Bob-Cat that this unit was the same as the ZT-219, which is a commercial unit, with exception of the engine and the seat.

    I have had it for two years and it has 300 hrs. The engine has used a small amout of oil since day one.
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    The ES was intended for homeowners but, I believe it intimidated them because It's the same size as all the others except for the lack of a suspension seat and the engine. Then comes the LEO. I don't know about the big one but, that little one is NOT for ANY commercial use in my opinion. If it means anything, the dealer I used to work for had a brother that used an 18ES in his operation. I didn't notice any problems while I was there.
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    Bob-Cat makes a very good mower but no 18HP is not enough for a 52" deck really and I would for sure stay away from the Briggs motor if it is the Intek line. If it is a B&S Vanguard then that is an outstanding engine, but not the Intek line.

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