Advise On Clean-Up & Leaf Removal pricing

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by AllProLC, Nov 12, 2007.

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    I need some help on pricing for fall clean up & leaf removal jobs. Normally I run a 2 man operation. I have been asked to quote some clean-ups & leaf removal for mowing customers & non-mowing customers. I will be doing leaf removal w/ blowers, self propelled vac, tarp & $50 per hr. sound high/low & how long should it take to do 1/3 acre property w/ fair amt of leaves??
    On the clean ups I can pretty much figure the an hrs it will take to do those jobs...but does anyone have a flat rate for clean ups w/ shrub trimming/pruning & bed clean outs?? I have one regular customer who told me she paid $900 last fall for clean up & leaf roval on 1/3 acre lot. She thought that price was fair... i think i'll carge her about $850. haha
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    We charge $35 per man hr. Every yard and evey day is different. you can give a ballpark figure but I wouldn't give them a set price. We have tried several different ways in the past and sofar this has worked the best no complaints from customers either. By the hr is the only way to go. To many variables with leaves to give a price.

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