Advise on Leaf Vacuums/truck loaders

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by NonStop, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. NonStop

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    One of the doors on my dumper is already tweeked a little (bought it used), but it does have a deadbolt style lock at the top of the two doors to tie them together. So you might be right.

    However, I have a buddy that runs a business that had the weight of this vac twist his door to where it is hard to close. Different trailer than mine, but it is an example of it happening.

    I thought about my removal jobs and most of them have us blowing the leaves to the ditch in front of the property and then removing. In this case it won't matter if it is front or back mounted.

    Are there really that many instances where you can't back up 12 more feet (length of my trailer box), or blow the pile another 12 feet? I guess it depends on the property...
  2. Darryl G

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    Ok on the door. I guess better safe than sorry. One of mine is actually tweaked a bit too but that's from dumping without having it pinned back...dumping in the dark and I could swear I pinned it back but then heard a creak.

    It's really just a matter of working in a confined work area to me when it's mounted up front. I'd much rather have it in back. Hard to explain but I just have that confined/pinned in feeling working with it in front. I need FREEDOM! lol
  3. NonStop

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    I hear ya.

    If I were to get a 20' hose so I could reach more piles, how much suction power would I loose with the BillyGoat 18hp? Any?
  4. Mr. Mow it all

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    I have a 15 footer and didnt loose any suction
  5. EverestLandscape

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    hey Non stop. I realize this post is from 2007 and Im sure you have a loader by now but to address the cover, i went to the local car interior place and he custom made a cover for $150. He also made all the covers for the crap on the service truck too. hope this helps
  6. EverestLandscape

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    nevermind i read the post date wrong haha. Ill tell you about ours and hopefully it will help you. We have two billy goat vacs. One is on the tounge of a dump trailer that i pull with my personal pick up and we use that for curbside pick up only. The other is on the ez-dumper of the other pickup and that goes to the houses we do the actuall clean-up at too. Having it on the tounge of the dump trailer is nice because when you get to the dump you have to do nothing but open the doors in the back and dump it. I mounted it so the hose is on the passenger side to make it easier. One of them I bought as a left over from the dealer, 18HP elec. start, etc, etc. for $2,350. The other one I bought used complete with 15' hose for $250 with a blown motor, bought another 18HP motor for $1,008 and slapped it on there. Love the a8hp motor...very good power. I will say the one I bought used is most likely 10 years old and it's built much, much better and tougher than the new one. The other thing I did is took both vacs to the local metal fab shop and the guy welded 1/4" steel all around the housing so if a rock gets sucked up it doesn't come shooting out the side like a bullet. Well worth the money in my opinion. Hope this helps you at all.
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  8. Green Grass In VA

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    Hey nonstop give me a call or text me 804-304-4130 i have a 18hp billygoat with swing away tailgate hitch im selling bought it brand new last year and didnt use it alot. If you want im sure i can meet you so you can check it out.
  9. NonStop

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    Sorry, but I've already got mine ordered. Should be here Monday. I was looking at used ones, but didn't see that you had one for sale. I kinda wanted the warranty as well.

    PM me what price you are asking. I might know someone that wants it, or I might be stupid and buy yours for a 2nd loader.
  10. bradseabridge

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    omg people, IT'S CHUTE!!!!!!

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