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Advise on star wheel on Lawn-boy mower


LawnSite Member
Nashville, TN
I've been reading some posts here that reference the plastic star wheel on top of the carb on Lawn-boy push mowers and how to turn it clockwise to increase performance. I have a Lawn-boy model 8480 (got a new 10550 on order as well) and I did exactly that and my mower and the RPM's of the mower certainly appeared to increase. I'm not a mechanic, but I would like to know exactly what is being done when this wheel is adjusted. I'm guessing it's increasing the air flow/fuel mixture, but I'm not sure. Also, is there any danger of damaging the engine by doing this?


LawnSite Bronze Member
what it does is increase the tension on the air vane spring, the more tension on it the more airflow required to move the vane enough to slow it down