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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NBLL, Sep 9, 2002.

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    Have a customer who wants a wooded area approximately 7500 sq. ft. cleared of weeds and trees and seeded to extend the back lawn. They are leaving a couple of sizeable trees(40-50 ft) and they want to leave five or six smaller trees also. The area will receive full morning sun but will be moderately shaded in the afternoon. I have never taken on this type of project and would appreciate any advice.
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    If there is a county extension nearby, they are pretty good about answering questions like this in my area. If not check on a master gardner program, or a Lesco Dealer they are usually pretty helpful. I am lucky enough to have a college horticultural site in town and they are pretty good with advise, and have even come out and looked at a few different things for me. I just pump them up a little they love to show people how much they know. Anyway, good luck.
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    Creeping red fescue is excellent for shaded areas.
    Also, now is the best time of the year to plant new grass. It should establish a base root system and grow in Sept/Oct before going dormant. Then it will come back to life and thrive in the spring........
    NCSU web site has excellent advice for all types of turf management questions........

    Hope this helps////good luck
    Turtle II:cool:
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    I have found through experience that doing a dormant seeding in December after all the leaves are down works great.Prepare the soil like you normally would and seed and mulch as normal.The seed will sit there all winter but as soon as the outside and soil temperatues are warm enough the seed will germinate get fairly established before the leaves come out.Use a fescue mix and cut the grass at a minimum of three inches,the taller the grass the more sun light those leaves will be able to catch.Good Luck.

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