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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jrwinter74, Oct 10, 2003.

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    New to the Business since May of this year(2003). I love the lawn care business but have hit a bump in the road,...what in the world can I do to quickly jump start my business since the grass has slowed to a minimum? I have ran several ads to clean yards but at present, trees have not fully shed. What to do?
  2. twins_lawn_care

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    We also started this may.
    Go out and ADVERTISE!
    You need to take any time that you have slow and pass out flyers, talk to realtors, design some signs, get your name out there. Though a little late now, aerating was a great puch for us, and got our name in good with about 10 new customers. You have to be willing to put in the hard hours, the ones that are sweat equity, and you don't get directly paid for. Then you will soon realize if you have the desire to bein this business or not.
    Good luck, now go sell some services!

    PS- we also do gutter cleaning, trim bushes, fall cleanups, etc. etc.
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    what I have been doing is selling for next year. I have been giving people a discount for projects that they want down next year if they sign up this year for it and put down a deposit. Seems to be working great for me so far
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    Ya, tiedeman, but it sounds like he needs to generate $ now.
    It is late to be thinking this way now, plenty of off season work, but you might find people are already committed.
    For those that aren't,
    Either make some yard signs or have some made (just takes longer and costs more).
    Be sure they are easy to read, state type of work you want to do (exp.= yard clean ups, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, etc). I don't mean all these on the same sign, only one or two usually. Make them as professional looking as possible, with phone number of course.
    These need to be large signs, Realtor sign size, made out of plastic or coated cardboard so rain doesn't make them ugly.
    Pick a few choice, high traffic corners where you can place them in areas you want to work in.

    Also, door hangers and/or fliers.
    Just have to plug away at promotion till you get too busy to do it any more.
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    Its been said on here a bazillion times so here it is again. If you truly do good work, word of mouth will grow your business. Within 2 - 3 years you may not even want to do any more advertising. The challenge for the first year or 2 will be having the patience and the finances to hang in there.

    Something I did the first season, was to pick neighborhoods where I thought I'd like to work. Walk those neighbohoods on a SATURDAY...many homeowners are puttering outside on weekends.. Have with you, a one page flyer with your services listed and a brief paragraph why you are the best at what you do. Keep it simple, but informative...people dont have the time to read a novel about your business. Strongly suggest you have your biz name stamped on a few shirts. Get a couple of hats also with your biz name. Both of these are cheap and ez to do by a tee shirt shop. You need to look like you are a professional and in the business for real and for the long term. Some people will indeed talk to you when you are walking. Don't spend too much time with any one resident. Keep moving becuase you will have to cover many houses to get your first bite. But it WILL happen. Stay away from mailboxes (illegal) and use door hangar bags for your flyer. You will succed if you love this business, you do better than average work, and are willing to work long hours to grow it....but it will come.

    Forgot one...dont be afraid to take on a difficult property when you are starting out. Many of us did that just to get our name out there and get some revenue. Later on you can drop the "uglies" when you can afford to. Its hard work to grow the biz...but if you want it bad enough, you will succeed...good luck.
  6. GarPA

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