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  1. jallen

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    I am a home owner with a little over 1/2 acre to mow. I am looking into a commercial walk behind to save time. I don't have many obstacles to turn around in the yard, only a deck. I currently have a rider and spend too much time turning to get back into position. What is the best option for someone like me.

    I have looked into them and found some clearance deals on a Honda HRC7113 Tru-Gear 48" and a Bob-Cat/Ryan Gear Drive Mid-Size 36". Both are very reasonably priced.

    Any advise?
  2. mike48114

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    Buy an Exmark Walk Behind; Either belt driven or Hydro... Well worth the Money. Check it out. Most dealers will let you demo one to try it and see if you like it.

  3. ohiolawnguy

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    i don't know much about the first mower you mentioned, but the bobcat is a well made mower. I don't know how good of a deal you are getting, but, a 36 commercial bobcat only usually cost $150 less than a 48" walk behind brand new.
  4. jallen

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    I know that Exmark is rated pretty high, probably higher then Honda or Bob-Cat. Does anyone have any experience with either?
    This Honda has the T-bar type operation and the Bob-cat is pistol grip.

    Both are closeouts from last seaon and alomost equal is price (about $200 difference). They both are about $2k. HOnda is 48" Bob-cat is 36".

    What would you choose? (again this is for 1/2 acre yard with minimal obstacles to go around - I don't want to overbuy!!)

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