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  1. Ben Bowen

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    I think it depends on your strategy. If you want to generate as many leads as possible regardless of cost- then advertise on both. If you have a tight budget then narrow it just to search and pick your keywords very wisely.
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  2. tonygreek

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    For locally-targeted service businesses, I've not seen any value in the Display Network. Google, however, sees plenty of value in it. lol First thing I do is set it to Google Search only.

    As headz points out, depending on your strategy, you can certainly do both. You can always A/B test and see what converts best for you, just be prepared to budget accordingly.
  3. Potomac Lawns Inc.

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    Anyone else have any feedback on ad words?
  4. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    Anything you have in mind, Potomac? If you haven't used it before, Google is getting more generous with their test vouchers. $150 is the latest batch I've received.

    It's a great method to compensate for any organic search shortcomings and one of the great benefits is available data that you can use to better refine and focus your site, with a goal of weaning yourself off of Adwords or shifting budget to other campaigns or uses.
  5. colawnbarber

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    I use works great for me, not sure where your at but here in Colorado sprinkler winterization and aerations are huge accounts for about 15k a year cash business for me, any way that's where my ad words come in, people google aerations Greeley co and bam there is my ad and then the pone starts ringing, I know some people have different experiences but it works great for me just make sure you are very specific with your ad group key words so that your not getting clicks for stuff you don't actually offer there is a ton to be learned about adwords, youtube has some good videos about adwords as well
  6. tmasterlc

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    I would be interested to know what some of you are using for "specific" keywords. Also interested in what "cost per click" amounts you have experienced. I feel like my CPC is high and Im trying to get more specific with the keywords. Any thoughts???
  7. jonthepain

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    i pay around $1.25 a click for "aeration my town" and variations of that. works well.
  8. tmasterlc

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    I just looked at todays adwords stats and after 35 or so I get 1 click and a bill for $18.47... thats insane. I'll be back on the phone today with Google... and yes, I have trimmed down my keywords list to what I think is a bare minimum and the ads only hit my service area.
  9. Patriot Services

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    Maybe this has already been done. Does anybody know of a service that sets up, maintains and optimizes adword accounts? Like site builder and seo companies. Obviously some people need help getting the most bang for their buck.
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  10. tonygreek

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    Yes, however it's usually cost-prohibitive for the majority of small businesses. Most do not see the value in paying $500/month on top of a $500/month ad spend, or a percentage of spend. I find that a la carte management/consulting, such as an hourly rate, as needed, works better for the majority of small business owners. I dropped my own Adwords Certification when Google decided to, once again, screw with the certification program and kill some of the benefits afforded via the cert.

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