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Aebi Tt270

gene gls

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My buddy has one with a 7' flail mower. He does dikes,dams and land fills, and any other "brush hog" type work that he can find. Your going to need a lot more than 20 acres to support that machine.



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Dallas, NC
I used to mow an airport with one of these. Very neat unit, though not very well thought out. It took alot of getting used to. The implement controls are all operated with solenoids via push buttons on the control stick. Best I can remember the lift operated opposite from other tractors (ie-down=up and up=down). The boss had a million impliments for this thing, but mowing banks with the flail mower was comforting, not to mention sitting in the a/c and watching the yellow jackets hit the glass!

One word of caution- turn the 4 wheel steering OFF when navigating hills and be careful going downhill, as the unit is not very heavy in the back and may tip over.

Keep us posted!!:)