Aerate bermuda or not?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by khutch, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Just picked up a very large HOA common ground area, bermuda with some areas much heavier with weeds (clover, oxalis, of course some crabgrass) than others. Turf is fair to pretty good. I'd rather wait until fall to attack the weeds, but I feel I've got to clear out some of those areas to encourage bermuda growth. Got to still get a soil test, but I would like to a good core aeration ASAP. What's the theories about aeration and the spread of weeds in those areas that are pretty heavily infested?
    Also, I haven't had much experience w/bermuda....what is the best solutions to encourge it to spread?
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    I forgot to tell yes to aeration.
    On my yard already this season since May I have aerated 4 times and will try to get 2 more before middle of Sept.
    Aerate , water and then mow the plugs , it will break them up real nice. Just use and old set of blades when you tear up the plugs.
    bermuda loves air.
    Just remember all grass need food (fertilizer) air ( aeration) and water.
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    Yep to bluemoons comments.

    You can aerate anytime once the ground temp is a consistent 80 deg. Late May is usually the best time if you plan to aerate only once a year. Water as soon as possibly after you aerate.

    Weeds will make you look bad on a Bermuda grass lawn. You need to start a weed control and fert program if you want to get the most out of this grass.

    I sub out all my weed control apps to a certified applicator and it works well for me.

    Bermuda grass can be difficult to deal with. You will find a lot of different methods of care on this site. Some cut short and some don't, some scalp in early spring and some don't, some even try to stripe. So to take on this grass all you need is full sun, water, weed control and fert. Oh yea....keep those blades sharp.

    Good luck.................O-O

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