Aerate or Power Rake?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by White Gardens, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Excellent information at the above link and is exactly in line with what Michigan State University says. Aeration is much more beneficial, less stressing to the lawn and can be done as many times as needed.
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    I remember a garden show about a Texas garden that had foot traffic across turf to see this public garden. Compaction from the thousands of people who visitted all season long was alleviated by aeration every 2 -3 weeks... Compaction is different than thatch of course and they had irrigation to keep the aeration from drying out the turf, in th Texas heat...
    So you are right, as much aeration as necessary is fine, as long as there is irrigation, during heat...

    The point of my post had to do with the causes of thatch, moreso than just the aeration to fix it. The other point that seemed confusing is the defintion of thatch...
    I like this article for covering these issues in a clear consice manner... :)
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    Thanks Axe.

    I'm pretty much leaning towards aeration, but even as the article stated, you need to do it during a period of wet weather, or amble soil moisture.

    That's my only hang up, making sure that I do it during a time that isn't going to stress the lawn.

    Thanks for the help, I'll talk to the HO and see what his thoughts are.

    To clarify too, the thatch layer I did observe isn't to excessive, but around 1" thick, thus being over the 1/2" threshold for a thatch layer.
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    7k of lawn and 1" of thatch ground out with sharp flail blades will crank out much debris. Even just grinding out 1/2". I'd be far more concerned about hot weather stress to the lawn from grinding than even multiple passes with any aerator.
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