Aerate, seed, fertilizer, and lime...estimate?


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I have a couple of neighbors and a regular customer that would like their yards aerated and seed, fertilizer, and lime put down. Each yard is roughly 10,000 sq. ft. I will be renting an aerator so that price will be divided between the 3 bills because I plan to do them in one day. The price of the seed, fert., and lime will also be figured in of course. This is my first year adding this service so I'm wondering what a possible estimate is to give these customers. Thanks in advance.


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Why lime, did you take a soil sample? My aerate and seed price would be around $250 per lawn. Fert is sold as a program and is billed separately. Per app price is around $50.

Never use lime around here, although TGCL ties to push it without a soil sample. But if I did use it, I would sell it at a regular app price.

If your not driving all over the place you should be able to knock these out with a 1/2 day rental. Aerate then go back and seed, fert, and lime if needed. If you have a ZTR (with strong hydro's) or a lawn tractor, see if they have a tow behind. Your back will think you for it and you can double aerate in 1/2 the time.